We have been coming to the Shea Center for just over two years. Our daughter, Emma Foley, has Rett Syndrome. This neurodevelopmental disease has robbed her of her ability to speak, use her hands or control her body movements with purpose. She communicates to us with eye gaze but is completely dependent on us for all her basic needs.

Emma started riding at the Shea Center at age 2. At that time she could not walk, and that was one of our main goals of her therapy. About one year later Emma took her first steps, and now another year after that her walking is becoming stronger and more stable. We feel that hippotherapy was instrumental in developing her ability to walk. In addition, her time on her horse camouflages the therapy that she needs and makes it fun. Emma has different therapies on four days each week, so making it fun and social is imperative and riding does that. Emma is very social and loves to interact with the volunteers and other children at the Center. She looks forward to her weekly trip to The Shea Center. All of this would not be possible without your support. We thank you from our family to yours. — The Foley Family